Please Help Me Make a Choice

Alright Guys, my start has been with a huge splash, but I have realized how much these conversations are part of it, and the start has been slower in miles walked than I imagined. I am at this point running behind in following the seasons, and enough so I don’t think I can catch up.

This leaves me with a choice, and I would like your feedback on it. The 15 months this is slated to last pretty much exactly follows the seasons so I do not see snow on this walk. For me to get back on track time wise I will have to switch to a bike as soon as I have lost enough wait for a bike to carry me.

I can also right now accept that 15-20 miles walk a day is a better goal than 25-30 miles per day, and decide to slate this walk to take two years.

So, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Please Help Me Make a Choice

  1. I voted for a longer walk. While biking may seem faster/easier for some of us it can be disasterous. I would love to ride a bike but my last venture with one was very unpleasant. I got some severe pain in my tailbone and it made it very difficult to sit for months, it also flared up some back, neck and carpal tunnel issues.Maybe this wouldn’t happen to you but I still think walking would be better. That was your original plan and often when we change our plans and think too hard-we mess up.

    • Thanks Sabra, I am currently leaning that way myself. It seems more personal somehow to keep “foot on trail”. On the other hand, I would not switch to a bike before I have lost enough weight to handle it. I also have to check with the lady that looks after my cats before making a decision.

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