Long Travelogue

Alright, folks, I am behind on my writing, and I am so sorry for that. I have met so many people, been so busy walking, having conversations and trip planning that there simply hasn’t been enough hours in the day. I also need to stop and take more pictures – I am so engrossed in everything that happens that I simply forget.

So after wonderful conversations and quite a bit of filming with Saskia, Q’orianka and Luka I started out towards Hollywood.

So, here goes with my travel story!

From Q’orianka’s place in Los Angeles I headed to Hollywood. That third day was only a 6 mile walk, and I was tired at the end of it. I made it to Hollywood blvd and saw all the different stars. As I got there in the late afternoon of August 31  it was crawling with crowds – enough crowds that it started really overwhelming me. Landing at Starbucks I started to get serious about finding a spot to sleep the night. It turns out Saskia came through for me again and I stayed with Marc and Erich, although they didn’t get home until late that night.

Marc and Erich are an absolutely delightful gay couple. Marc recently quit his producing job at CBS to create his own company that makes movies accessible for the blind and deaf people of our country. We didn’t get to bed until 1 am, and got a bit of a late start the next morning. Marc wanted to film a PSA and an interview with me, so I decided on a rest day. I was already exhausted and it was 10 am during breakfast. Marc and Erich were kind enough to host me one more night. Ohh the jokes with those two – the jokes abounded – and were slightly x-rated. Getting filmed was fun but a little nerve wracking.

That night we invited Saskia, Luka, Q’orianka and their whole family with some of Marc and Erich’s friends and I cooked a scrumptious meal for about 10 people. I made a delicious, super healthy, three course meal for 10 people and paid $65 in groceries.

The menu was my special cold carrot, lime and cumin soup, steak salad and fruits. It was a late dinner, but we had a blast.

The next morning Marc and Erich joined me for a couple of miles on Hollywood blvd as I headed to Mallory’s, a friend of Erich and Marc.Erich is in the front taking the picture with me and Marc in the background. In front of Mann’s Chinese on Hollywood blvd.



And above, the Hollywood stars in the early morning sun.

Mallory lives in Burbank, and it was a 9.5 mile walk, which is the longest I have yet walked. Marc was so wonderful to drop of my heavy pack so I did not have to push it myself. At the end I was tired, but not dropping on my feet. I was not sore this morning!

Mallory, Sharon (friend of Mallory’s and Marc’s) and I had a blast as we were girl talking till late. All while I cleaned a few virus’s off the ladies computers, and Sharon got me a spot on her and her brother’s radio show – link to that will come soon!

Today I was planning to only walk 6 or 7 miles, but it might go to 8. I am walking really strong today, and the first 3 miles simply disappeared under my feet. Or, I might accept the shorter walk, and get all you folks caught up :).

Tonight Sharon  will pick me up from Sun Valley and take me back to Mallory’s for one more night. I have promised a rerun of my carrot soup for the night. Tomorrow morning those two ladies will drop me off again in Sun Valley so I can continue my walk. I am currently looking for accommodations in Sylmar, CA, for tomorrow.


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