Hollywood Bullies

Ok, guys, I have saved this post for the end today, because it is a difficult post to make. It is not as positive and fun as my other posts, but it is a story I felt had to be told.

Yesterday Marc walked with me a little longer than Erich, and at one point we were walking towards some huge burly men in uniforms. I made an offhanded comment about how the police really looked menacing in Hollywood, but Marc told me these were from from Atlantic Security, not the police. They looked menacing, carried guns and moved in two’s or three’s.

A block or so later we passed three of them, they were on the other side of the street. One of them walked up to a vagrant who was sleeping in a doorway. After calling once for him to wake up, this big burly bully grabbed the man’s arm and pulled him on the ground. I am sure he got some skin taken off his side. The vagrant, a very young, extremely emaciated man jumped up. He didn’t have a pack with him, but he did have his sleeping bag. Three burly guys, carrying guns, now surrounded him, and I couldn’t hear the conversation, but the body language was quite scary. It took about 2 minutes, the last thing I saw was one of the bullies taking the young man’s sleeping bag and putting it in his car – essentially stealing this young man’s only belonging.

I was trying my absolute best to take pictures of this, but Marc was worried that they would see it and I would become the next target. Only one of my pictures turned out worth anything, but I will post it here.



2 thoughts on “Hollywood Bullies

    • Hey Michelle, I wish I could believe it would make a difference….. I suspect, that given they were doing it in broad day light in front of someone with a camera that it is fully known how these bullies behave

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