Eating Healthy On The Road

Alright, folks, as with all of us, I am traveling and eating healthy on the road takes a little attention. I wanted to share a few of my tricks.

By far, my go-to food is nuts and dried fruits. If I can’t find something yummy and nutritious, I make sure to have nuts and dried fruits around. I go with raw nuts. They are high in fiber, healthy fats and have a good amount of protein.

The other night I cooked a delicious, three course meal for 10 people for $65 in groceries. It was so cheap because my shopping cart was loaded with veggies. The menu was Cold Carrot Lime Soup, Steak Salad and Fruits. It was a yummy meal, high in fiber and protein. With an appropriate amount of healthy carbs and some fats.

After the first day’s walk I was struggling a little with a heat induced headache. I combat this by drinking an 8 oz glass of water with 1/3 teaspoon really high quality seasalt in the morning. I also add a little bit of electrolyte drops to my water, and have not felt that since. I am sweating quite profusely in the hot California sun so I have to make sure my electrolyte balance is optimized.


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