Fuller Trip Account – and Pictures!

So, after some wonderful days with family in Fresno, I was off to Santa Monica. My first night I stayed with Saskia and Luka, and we had a very full night of conversation and planning. Saskia is the mother of Q’orianka from the movie “The Brave New World”. Friday morning we headed to the beach for my departure. The walk through the sand to the beach was long and heavy, but I put my feet into the pacific ocean to say Good Bye to the West Coast and Hello to my adventure. I was chocked up with tears but overall so grateful that now, now it is starting. The sense of accomplishment as I stood with my feet in the water, excitement and certainly fear was overwhelming. I am here now, it is no longer just talk, I am doing it.



And to all those who so forcefully doubted me? I am looking forward to win this bet! Q’orianka then interviewed me for a short time and Saskia filmed the interview.

The first couple of miles Q’orianka walked with me barefoot from the beach and it was such good company. I was grateful for the cheering on in front of a few sharp hills. Then I took a break for some lunch and I was off.

It was an 8 mile walk, and I must admit the last two miles were horrid. I was exhausted, sore, hungry and I had to pee. Finding a rest room and a bite to eat helped quite a bit, and I finished by walking right up to Q’orianka’s apartment where I stayed the night. The having to pee was the most painful part, I never new needing a restroom could be actually physically painful like that. Last night I had a wonderful conversation with a whole group of folks about obesity, and I believe Saskia got that filmed as well.

Passing Fox Studio’s meant I was getting close to my destination. Good Gawd but I was one sore chick.

Yesterday was Hot, Hot, Hot and I was sweating bullets and ended up drinking between 4-5 gallons of water.

Walking, sweating, hot – but walking and feeling good!





6 thoughts on “Fuller Trip Account – and Pictures!

  1. Congratulations!!! You are on your way. Dipping in the Pacific was a great way to start. Prayers for your journey!! Be Strong!!! – Jan Arensmeier

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