An Amazing 24 Hours

So, the long awaited, dreamed about first day of “foot on trail” finally got here.

Last night I arrived in Santa Monica were I have been hosted by the amazing Saskia and Luca, two activists and amazing humans of Action Hero Network fame invited me in to their home. It turns out that Saskia and Luca both have some experience producing, and Saskia’s gorgeous daughter Q’Orianka is a stunning actress of Brave New World Fame.

These people took me and my journey to heart and while I walked a lot today, a good chunk of the last 24 hours have also been spent talking about producing my walk. If it happens I can promise you it will be raw and gritty and in the moment.

This morning at 9 am I went to the beach in Santa Monica, stuck my feet in the water and said good bye to the Pacific coast. I must admit I was tearful, just because this is such a huge thing and I am finally here. Right after Saskia and Q’Orianka interviewed me before Q’Orianka joined me for the first couple of miles walk. Tonight I am staying with Q’Orianka In West Hollywood, after an 8 mile walk on the day. I have to admit I am both exchausted and sore and plan to slow down a little tomorrow and only walk 4-5 miles. I do not want to injure myself.

I have limited time and bandwith tonight, but in the next 24 hours you will see a bunch of pictures and maybe some home spun video’s as well.



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