Of Goals and Obstacles

My first goal will be to reach the Grand Canyon, and I should be able to do that in 1 month and 5-10 days.

I recognize how many insecurities are in this endeavor, and if that is all I reach for financial reasons then I think I will have plenty of reasons to be proud. Of course I want to finish the entire walk, but reaching the Grand Canyon will be a major accomplishment.

Along the way I have some very real obstacles, and I wanted to talk a little about my plans for how to handle those obstacles.

On day 3 I enter Angeles National Forest, and a significant climb up to 7000 ft. Even though my goal is to walk 10 miles a day initially, that is probably not do-able in that kind of climb. I might drop to 5 miles a day going uphill.

But the biggest obstacle heading towards the Grand Canyon is without a shadow of a doubt the Mojave desert. I am working on a route that will guarantee me some kind of building at least once every two days so I do not have to carry more than 2 days of water on my cart, and I believe I am almost there.

At this moment I am hoping to make it to Mississippi by December. And then New York by early to mid spring. If I fall so far behind my schedule early in the walk that I find I can’t make up for it later then I might have to switch to a bike to avoid bad weather.



6 thoughts on “Of Goals and Obstacles

  1. You to whatever your body tells you is ok to do. I think up hill 5 miles per day is a much better goal. If you don’t make it all the way, or if you have to bike it, I think you should do that! What you have done and accomplished already is amazing to me. I support you decisions, only you know how much your body can handle. Your an amazing Woman.

  2. The physical part of this adventure is going to get easier as you go since the effort will improve your fitness level.

    • Hey Vinny,

      Yeah, it better get easier. I must work in to walking 25-30 miles per day within the first two months. Malene

  3. What an adventure, Malene! I’ll be visiting you every day to see how it’s going. Happy trails, you woman of courage!

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