I am 30-40 mins away from departure to Fresno for a few days visit with family. My Cadillac is all set up and packed. I got a sign for it that I still need to find out how to put on, but otherwise the Cadillac is done.

From Fresno I head to Santa Monica as soon as my package with tent, sleeping bag etc arrives.

The Adventure Has Begun.

The Cadillac – All Built and Ready To Go


Paul and Robin helping me build The Cadillac


My Eartly Belongings, All Condensed to Two Boxes!



4 thoughts on “Departure

  1. I admire you, and promise to follow you every step of the way!! When I can offering some mulla to help you on your journey. Good luck to you, I just saw that you have healthy recipes on your blog. Going to take a look at that now. Wish I was in good health, and younger.

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