One Cat Is Lost – Update on Moving Progress

I am 97% done moving, but I got an extra day from the landlord so that is ok. I just need to gather a few more things from the apartment and I am done, done, done.

It is given away, sold and thrown away. I have what can be stored in two boxes and a shoe box plus of course what I will bring with me my walk.

My one cat panicked in the moving mess and has proven impossible to catch. I plan to spend the next two nights with a professional cage and pray like crazy I get her. If I do not get her in two days I will probably hire someone who is used to trapping cats to get her and deliver her to foster care, I am NOT giving up on her. The other two cats were given to foster care yesterday evening. The foster care lady is AMAZING, and we actually have a lot in common as people so I know she will take good care of my babies. I already miss them like crazy though. I am so used to have the weights of various cats distributed all over me.

Tomorrow I start to rebuild and arrange my cart – affectionately dubbed as “The Cadillac”. I also have some last minute purchases I must make between today and tomorrow. I will also need some extra rest tomorrow, I am pretty snookered. Moving out, getting rid of everything, and being worried sick about my absent cat, all in the middle of towering bronchitis has been quite the challenge!

Saturday I head to Fresno.


4 thoughts on “One Cat Is Lost – Update on Moving Progress

    • Thanks Tim, I don’t actually start walking until mid next week. I am greatly improved already, my immune system has done well. Should be good to go next week.

  1. Hi Malene,
    I’m still following your progress. I hope you find your cat and can get underway with that worry off your back.
    Vinny C.

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