Departure – It Is Happening

Wow, I suppose the challenge of the last few days to actually get going is a measure of exactly the type of challenge this whole journey will be.

I do have a history of getting so scared that I am unable to do things that I stop just seconds from getting started, simply out of fear, and I am so determined that it will not happen this time. It has almost been like the universe has tested my resolve, because there have been several last minute obstacles.

But the challenge of getting rid of everything, packing up and getting the cats taken care of almost completely alone is not a small task. I say “almost” alone because my girlfriend from NYC is spending 3 days here to help me with some of it. But there are still obstacles for two middle aged ladies to get everything moved around on their own.

So, I wanted to update all of you on the going’s on.

Departure, Yes, it is absolutely happening, departure will be either Tuesday August 27 or 28. It got  a couple more days postponement for two reasons. First, the person who had promised to take care of the cats backed out 2 days ago, leaving me essentially 5 days to find a replacement. The other reason is I got a nasty round of bronchitis, and in the middle of all this packing I am sick as a dog. A few extra days rest will do me well.

By dint of amazingly generous people, the cats are now taken care of again, and that was my biggest fear.

This is my schedule:

I have to be out of my apartment by Wednesday the 21st. I am hoping to stay a couple of days with a friend before heading to Fresno to visit with my biological dad. From Fresno I head to Santa Monica for departure next Tuesday or Wednesday.

After much back and forth, my cat, Niles, is not coming with me. It is too much, and creates too many additional hurdles for me on the road.

The upshot of it – packing my whole house, letting it all go, being soo sick, and getting terrified that I couldn’t provide for my cats – through all of that – the walk is now an absolute reality. I am sure that when I arrive in Santa Monica for actual departure it will be terrifying, yet again, and add another layer of reality. But folks, as my bronchitis makes it hard to breathe, I am sitting here breathing a little hard, sore from the moving, smiling big and with just some anxiety. It is scary, and wonderful, and amazing, and SO, SO, SO exciting – are you kidding me. Exciting!



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