Is one of those horrible, sometimes useful, often frozen feelings.

Yesterday I was hit (again) by the magnitude of what I am doing. When I come home from my adventure I will have (almost) nothing, I might even sell my car. I have a few heirlooms that I won’t let go of, but that is it.

Consequently, I tried to get a lot done yesterday and the more I tried the more confused and frozen I felt.

Emotionally, I am so ready for this walk, this adventure that I have decided to do. Yet, it is not without trepidation and an almost breathless feeling at the magnitude of it. I mean seriously, walking 9000 miles, that is insane.

In this case, fear is warning me that there is a LOT I must get done before August 24th, and that this date is fairly close by. It is also warning me that truly, this is a plan of some magnitude. Fear is right about that, and I must stay focused and engaged to reach my goal.

The less constructive side of fear is the rather confused almost frozen sensation I had yesterday. But dang, this thing really is big.

I got back on track today so that felt good. This is big, but do-able, inspite of all the doubts I have gotten thrown my way.



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