Who Should I Fundraise For?

Hey Folks,

So, I will put it to my good peeps out there, who do you think I should fundraise for once I have raised my own budget?

I have three Charities in mind:

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. They are focused on healthy, local, organic foods cooked scrumptiously. They also challenge the foods we serve our children in our schools.

Campaign to End Obesity. They are a political organization working in DC to make resources available for our fight against obesity, to legislate good food in schools and other legislative initiatives to support our efforts to live more healthy life styles.

Diabetes Organization of the United States. Fight against diabetes.

Who do you think I should support on my walk?


6 thoughts on “Who Should I Fundraise For?

  1. So all $$$$ contributed to fund goes to you now…or can we give to you directly.

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    A Conversati

    • Hey Camilla,

      All donations go to me now. Whether you give to me directly, or donate on indiegogo the money goes to me until my budget is covered. Indiegogo does charge a fee for using credit cards – pretty standard stuff.

    • Brian,

      No, I am sorry. At the moment I am not able to offer tax exempt donations. The donations go directly to me, and I am not a non-profit. The donations cover my budget. At the moment I am selling my belongings and expect to have 1-2 months of budget covered on departure. After that I need to rely on the goodness of others who wants to see me walk!

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