Big Changes Coming

Hey Guys,

It looks increasingly likely that I will be able to depart in August. Wow, is all I can say.

The decision will be finally made tomorrow as I must put in my 30 day notice on my apartment if I am to leave on August 24th. So stay tuned.

There are some other big changes coming to my plans, but I am finalizing a lot of new things right now, and cant wait to share them all with you tomorrow – stay tuned.

Food Revolution Ambassadors, I hope you guys tune in. I will be so excited to have you be part of my journey. The conversation about what is good, whole some food is near and dear to my heart, although my overall message is focused on discrimination and empowerment.

It looks like my departure will be on August 24th from Pacific Palisades Park Beach in Los Angeles. I plan to pick up highway 2 heading towards Apple Valley. Check out my route. My first stop will be around Glendora in Los Angeles – so that will be the evening of August 24th. I will start looking for couch surfing options fairly soon.

Thank you to all my supporters!

Please donate to my walk around the US


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