Should I give up?

The last few days have been dark, and I have cried – a lot.

A few other people were unable to follow through on promised help, and I am frankly back to square one, with exceedingly little money raised, some good ideas but by now a track record of spinning my wheels.

More than anything I see the need for what I am proposing to do. The amount of discrimination I have had coming at me the last few months have been quite astounding On top of the discrimination I have also had so many back seat drivers telling me about all the things I need to do different, and often quite contradictory things. Or, asking me why I am not doing the things I am already doing. So, if you think I have done everything wrong, now is your chance to get involved. Obesity is getting worse, denial is thriving and people are dying.

But so much more than that, for me personally, I need to do this walk for me. I need to reclaim my own strength and faith in the world. It has been challenged and stretched to the absolute limit, and I need it back. To me, this is so much more than weight loss, or even physical health. This is my faith in the world I live in, and in people around me.

What seems obvious to me, is that if I continue to try and do this alone then I will absolutely fail. I don’t stand a chance doing it alone. I need to involve more people in the fund raising efforts. Now, I know, in the past I have asked for help in various ways, and sometimes that help has been slow to materialize. So, where do I go to involve people? I mean, so many are touched by obesity, so many has had loved ones dying from obesity. So many struggle personally. You should think that finding people who cares enough about the topic to fight for the equal treatment of obese people should be easy – but I have found it is not.

So, the question I will be asking myself for the next week – should I give up? And in order for me to not give up, I need to find some kindred spirits who will help me make this vision come true. I will be contacting several obesity related non-profits in that effort, as well as other groups that cater to obese people.

Do you want to help me? And please note, right now I am not asking for money, but for time. If you want to help then I ask you to please be ready to follow through on promises, and contact me.


Please support my walk around the US


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