A woman in Missouri lost a lot of weight, and felt amazing about herself and her body. So, she went to the pool wearing a bikini, of about the same size as many other, admittedly smaller and younger, women wears.

And she was asked to leave the pool. By male managers, who didn’t like what they looked at. This is the article.

Can we count the ways this is wrong?

It is gender discrimination in so many ways. Fat men aren’t told to leave, are they?

It is age discrimination – if she had been 18 years old with a gorgeous body, you can bet those men (and here I am being kind), would have looked rather than asked her to leave.

Finally, folks, it is size discrimination. Yes, let’s start calling it. Let’s stand up to the shame that are pushed down our collective throats if we don’t look like others feel we should look. It is so, so, so not ok to discriminate for any reason.

There are laws against age discrimination and gender discrimination – and if I were that woman, I would try this one in the courts. There are no laws against size discrimination – but there should be!

It is time for us to say that being obese is not a shame. We are not bad people, undisciplined people, greedy or lazy. We have a medical condition. Come to think of it, there are laws against discriminating against people with medical conditions. I hope to God this woman tries this one in the courts! And I hope she gets a nice pay check for her efforts.

And, well, I have to say, if you want to support my 8873 mile long walk to challenge size discrimination, please donate any sum you can.


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