Welcome to new visitors

I have made a push to advertise my blog and walk on the web in the last few days, so I wanted to wish my new visitors welcome to the adventure :).

While I have had to postpone my departure this does NOT in any way diminish the commitment to my walk. I can hardly wait to get started.

At this time my departure is August 24th, from a Santa Monica beach.

There are so many ways to join me in this adventure. My facebook page is: facebook.com/aconversationswithamerica.

My private facebook account is: Malene Comes – I accept all friend requests.

I am always looking for connections, hosting, and people who wants to walk with me. Or, for that matter, any other ideas you might want to contribute to my walk – I am here for it all.

And of course, I am looking for donations. Micro donations of $1-$5 are fabulous –  Please tell your friends to do the same – I really need the support!


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