So, here it is. I have not raised enough money to get my first couple of months covered, and it is not safe for me to start my walk until I have raised that.

For that reason, I am postponing my walk. I only have two windows of opportunity during the year when I can leave in order to walk with the seasons so I do not end up in deep snow. Right now is when I can leave from N. California, and I am going to miss that window of opportunity. For that reason I also have to leave where I depart from to make the seasons work in my favor.

My first postponement right here have me pushing my departure date until August 24th. In order to follow the seasons correctly, I am also moving my departure place.

I will depart from Los Angeles on August 24th in the morning, provided I have reached $6000 in fund raising, and gotten needed materials donated in used form.

If I do not reach those fund raising goals by August 24th, then my next postponement will have me leave in February of 2014. At that point I will leave from Bodega Bay, CA, but I will go the opposite way around, heading North first.

Thank you so much to all my supporters, I am so sorry I have to do this. Trust me, I am sad, but resigned. I am also absolutely dedicated to do this walk.


Please consider supporting my walk around the US with a micro donation of $1-$5. Please tell your friends that this is a worthy cause and ask them for $1-$5 as well.


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