A Plea to Medical Doctors Everywhere

Dear Doctor,

I know you see many obese and even morbidly obese people in your practice. I am sure that sometimes it is frustrating to see these people suffer and at the same time question – why don’t they just change their life style?

I know you are busy in your practice, and there is no shortage of research you have to keep up to date and informed on, but I urge you to get up to date on current obesity related research. I urge you because so many people suffer with and die from obesity, it remains the single biggest killer in the US.

I also urge you to routinely give obese people a full hormonal check up. Sure, most doctors I think (but I also know not all) probably do check thyroid hormones and insulin with their obese patients. While most of you do this, it is horrifying that not all of you do this. Please do not see a patient in your practice who is 50 or more pounds overweight without checking at least the basics. If they are insulin resistant you can help them to take care of this before they become 150 pounds overweight. I am also asking you to go a little deeper than that. For instance, with women PCOS is a huge contributor of obesity. To diagnose PCOS you need progesterone and testosterone checks as well.

Other hormones impacts obesity – Ghrelin and Leptin comes to mind.

It is time that you, as a health care provider, become the leader that gives obese people the tools to fight back. It is time you realize that obesity is not about being lazy and greedy, but a genuine disease that deserves your kindness, compassion and help.

Please consider supporting my walk with $1-$5.


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