I feel incredibly sad

Planning to walk around the US has been one of the biggest roller coasters of my life. One day, I have made connections or gotten someone interested in supporting me, and I am on top of the world. The next day it seems like nothing I do brings in the donations that I need to make this dream come true – and I am rushing down in the dumps.

The last few days have been incredibly tough on me. Several opportunities for donations went away. Mostly because someone was unable or unwilling to follow up on their promises. A few people who either directly promised or I thought for some reason would support me just didn’t follow through. Some changed their minds, and decided to do so with harsh words about how I would probably never make it anyways. And I will say this, I might seem tough, but I am actually quite easy to hurt and those were hurtful words.

I know I am not entitled to any support, monetarily or otherwise. And, so, really, I can just grin and accept but the grin is getting a bit tight on my skull.

For the last few days I have tried to not let on that my heart is slowly breaking, but that is the truth. I am so emotionally, spiritually and physically ready to do this walk – but without some monetary support I can’t do it, and it is heart breaking to see this gorgeous vision might not make it out of the gate. I decided to share my feeling with those listening – because I have decided to do my best to be as open as I can during this journey, and this is what I am currently feeling; Heart broken and sad.

Now, I know it is not that I am asking for individual donations that people by and large are unable to do. I am asking for donations of $1-$5. Most people can afford that amount, so it is not lack of ability that are holding people back. It is something else – and given how many are verbally supportive, I truly do not understand what it is. I have tried making this story real, something people can relate to. I know we are all in some ways touched by the problem – whether we struggle ourselves or have loved ones who does. So, I simply am low on ideas of how to inspire or motivate people to support my cause and my walk. I know I have a compelling story and plan. I know I am ready to do this.

Very soon I will have to decide to postpone departure. At best a postponement will be one month, and then move my departure to Los Angeles. At worst, that postponement will be until February 2014, at which point I will walk the opposite way around heading north first.

If I do not make some significant gains in fund raising very soon, I might also have to consider canceling. Truth is, without support this is nothing but a beautiful dream, but if people don’t care enough to support it, if this doesn’t touch a spot inside some folks that makes them say that this is worth it to support. Worth it to fight against obesity, worth it to challenge discrimination and stigma, worth it to invest in resources that can help thousands of people lose weight.

Did you really consider donating but never really got around to it? Please donate anything you can. No donation is too small. Then please share with your friends that you donated, and you think it is a worthy cause to support.

Thank you,



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