Each year 61 Billion Dollars are Spent on Weight Loss Products

Yes, that is – 61 Billion Dollars spent on weight loss products – are you freaking kidding me? Really? And the truth is, we are fatter than ever.

I have been keeping an active ear on some weight loss groups both on facebook and through other venues. One of the groups I was a member of was ostensibly a weight loss support group, but it was so clearly designed to sell one of those weight loss products.

What really bothered me was the claims that were made by various members in the group about this one product. These claims included:

Miraculous Healing of a variety of illnesses – many had nothing to do with weight loss. I can’t even list all the different illnesses this one product should supposedly have fixed – with no other changes made in life style.

That it was 100% safe, because it was made of plant extracts.

Miraculous weight loss, with no other changes being made to diet or exercise levels.

This one product wasn’t cheap – trust me. On their website there were zero actual scientific studies done on this product – and none were required because it was an herbal supplement.

Recently, I had enough of the outlandish claims and dared to point out that just because it is “all natural” and “plants” does not guarantee this product is safe. Immediately a few “true believers” stood up with testimonials of more miraculous healings. Which led me to point out that anecdotal evidence is not good evidence, and that if this one product really did “all that” (and a bag of chips), then it really should be studied because it might save the lives of millions rather than exist on the outskirts of weight loss products.

After asking people to simply apply some critical thinking skills to this one product I was apparently removed from the group.

So, I am asking you, my reader, please apply some critical thinking skills to weight loss products. There are a few good products on the market, don’t get me wrong. But let’s look at the claims of these products – are they extreme? Are they scientifically studied and backed? And truly, there is no miracle product in a bottle that will make you lose weight, look gorgeous, heal all that ails you, make you oodles of cash, and make you get the gorgeous boy or girl of your dreams.

That product doesn’t exist – it really doesn’t. And if marketers directly or indirectly claims or hints at, that this product exists – please save your money. buy some healthy foods, find good ways to train your body and move on.

And – a little bit “tongue in cheek” – now that I have saved you a lot of money on BS so-called weight loss products – please consider donating to my walk.


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