My Weight Loss and Training Choices

So, the question has come up – what am I doing for weight loss.

It is a fair question so I wanted to take a minute to answer it.

When it comes to exercise the absolute, hands down most important exercise  I can do at this moment is walking, and I walk every day. I usually walk 2-3 hours in the morning, and that equals 3-4 miles. I also try to put in a solid 2-3 hour walk at night before dark, so my daily walks range from 3-6 or 7 miles a day.

The rest of my time is spent fund raising.

I follow a healthy, but fairly permissive diet. It is high in fiber and I make efforts to make it high in protein as well. This means lots of produce, vegetables, fruits and legumes. I also eat rice, quinoa and some high fiber and high protein breads. I eat meat, seafood and whole eggs. Milk products are allowed, but I tend to eat relatively little of it. An occasional treat is definitely allowed, although it is often fruits or berries. I somewhat track my daily calories.


Are you one of the 250,000? On this walk I will touch the lives of millions of people. If just 250,000 people donated $1 or $5 then that would be an amazing amount. Please consider to be part of the 250,000.


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