Where Does the Funds from my Fundraising Go?

A few people have asked me to clarify where the funds go from my fund raising efforts. It is fairly simple – initially the funds go to cover the expenses of my trip. My budget is $20,000. When I have reached my budget then I will set up fund raising campaigns for charities that help our fight against obesity.

On this walk I will reach out to millions of people – literally. If 250,000 people each donate from $1-$5 then we can really make a difference in the fight against obesity


2 thoughts on “Where Does the Funds from my Fundraising Go?

  1. Malene,

    As one of the beneficiaries of the work LiveFit Revolution is doing, I want to wish you incredible success in your fundraising and in your personal health goals. If it is helpful to you, feel free to link to my self-introduction on the LiveFit Revolution site forum. Interested parties can see where I started out and follow up on the results over a thirty month period. They will also see what people are looking for and receiving from the LiveFit Revolution site. It would have been hard, if not impossible for you to find a better charity to represent when it comes to transparency and putting donations to the purpose for which they were intended.

    Vincent Colombo

    • Thank you so much Vince, I really appreciate it. Alysia and Jason truly impressed me with their dedication to help people, and their passion and compassion for the subject matter. These two folks have not only been working for free, but also put their own money into helping others. They deserve for this endeavor to be as successful as it can be – as much as I do.

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