Without Support, I don’t get to walk

And that really is the truth. I wish I was independently wealthy, but I am not. I am working hard to reach out to companies and get sponsorships. Sponsorships are wonderful, and they can really propel my walk to the next level. You probably know I have the big ebid auction going right now, and I am praying that a great company comes through for me.

Individual contributions are as important. On my walk I will literally be heard by millions of people. If 250,000 people each give $1. One dollar folks – then I got it made. If 250,000 people give $5, then imagine the difference it would make in our fight against obesity.

Do you have 1 dollar to help prevent obesity deaths and fight for the 300,000 people that dies each year from obesity? One dollar folks, or, if you have it $5.

I would be grateful!

Thanks so much


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