Death – My Death!

I am adopted, and I did not know my birth mom well, but I knew her some. She died at 56 years old and at the time of her death she weighed between 400-450 pounds.

I am 41 years old and weigh just below 300 pounds. This walk can literally save my life, by helping me to lose significant weight. I have also recently been diagnosed with PCOS. PCOS is a genetic and hormonal disease that causes obesity, and is also exacerbated by obesity. PCOS can kill me if I don’t get the symptoms under control, and it can kill me early.

I am literally planning this walk to save my life. I am doing something positive for myself, and for the world I live in. 15 years from now is coming right around the corner, and the pain of potentially weighing 400+ pounds scares me.

My hormones makes weight loss very difficult for me, but not impossible, and my early death from PCOS and obesity is eminently preventable, as are hundreds of thousands other obesity related deaths preventable.

But folks, I am not independently wealthy. I can’t do this walk without your financial support. All donations are tax deductible.

With this walk I aim to help the millions of people out there who struggle with their weight, and with the stigma of obesity, just like I do. I know all of you knows someone who has died from obesity related illnesses, and I know all of you knows someone who needs help due to obesity.

Come join me in this exciting endeavor, help me make it big, help me inspire, educate and more than anything help me find ways to stop all of us from blaming those who deal with obesity so we can make sure we get enough resources to assist us in this struggle. I need your help – no doubt about it, but so does your loved ones that deal with obesity. If you don’t want to donate for me, then do it for them. And then get them hooked into my message of non-blame and empowerment.

Please come off the sidelines, get involved, put one ounce of your own flesh into helping me and others who will die a difficult and preventable death unless we get the right help. Obesity is not our fault, but obesity related deaths are preventable with the right help. Yes, the word here is preventable, with the right help these deaths can be prevented, and you can help me.

I know by far most of you are able to donate from $5-$25 on this endeavor, and I am asking that you do so – right now. I need your help, and so does millions of others who are struggling with their health.

Please consider ordering a smaller Starbucks coffee for three days, or give up your Starbucks coffee for 1 day and help me make this walk come true. I can’t do it without you!


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