I Need Your Help

So here it is, the dreaded fund raising. This means I will be asking for money and help from the community.

If you can donate to my walk then I am going to ask for your donation. Whether you can handle $1 or $10,000, if you can my walk, please consider doing so.

But there are many more ways to help with fund raising.

Another huge way to support me is to consider if your employer ever engages in sponsorships? I have extensive packages to promote those who sponsor me. If your employer would like the exposure that this trip can give them please consider approaching someone in marketing and telling them about my trip.

If you are uncomfortable actually approaching your marketing department, but know who I should talk with them I will be very grateful for the contact information.

Walk with me – and treat it as a potential fund raiser. Just as much as I can, you can commit to a certain amount of walking and ask your friends, family and businesses around you to donate to LiveFit Revolution.

Do you know of someone who works in the marketing department of a company that might be interested in sponsoring me? If you do, can you help me with a connection?

Any other ideas for fund raising?

Folks, LiveFit Revolution is worth it to support. We want to see this amazing plat form grow and get to the next level, but that costs money.


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