Advertising, Sponsorships, Grants and More

Ok, so it was a rough week, with a lot of spinning my wheels and few results. I have done sales before, but only in the B2C arena. I figured I would adapt my skills to B2B fairly easily, and I was given a reality check. Businesses have a very solid firewall in place to keep my type people from approaching them.

Now to a few realities – I have promised LiveFit Revolution that I will raise the money before, during and after this walk, and I am committed with every single breath in me to this walk. So let me start by telling you why supporting LiveFit Revolution and my walk is so important.

  • For corporate sponsors I am 100% dedicated to make it worth your time and money in advertising to sponsor me.
  • For corporate sponsors I will gain you exposure to millions of people who wants to talk about obesity
  • I will say it again, last year 300,000 people died from obesity. Folks, this is a staggering number, 10 times the amount of people who died from breast cancer or car accidents.
  • LiveFit Revolution provides a wonderful platform for weight loss, and we need to help them take this plat form to the next level
  • LiveFit Revolution is a true opportunity and alternative to obesity
  • It is time we take back our power from obesity

While my initial plans for fund raising did not work that does not mean I am about to give up! Instead, I am starting to think more creatively. So let me tell you about some of the things I am currently doing.

  1. I am creating a fancy marketing package and mailing it to 100 C level decision makers in the next week. Each envelope will be hand addressed to assure it is opened.
  2. I have applied for a grant from “Bread for the Journey”
  3. I am researching applying for grants from “The American Heart Association” and the “Diabetes Association”.
  4. I am having a fancy video professionally made to advertise an auction I am going to set up. The auction will sell the option to have me wear the Tshirt with a logo on for the entire trip.
  5. I am in the process of contacting local churches, rotary clubs and soroptimist clubs to see if I can get started on my speaking engagements
  6. I have a meeting next week with my first small publication journalist

I knew the initial fund raising would be the hardest push, and I wasn’t wrong. Time to dig deep and find a way!

Please support my walk around the US


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