An Ode to Friendship / 100 Days to departure

Yesterday as I spoke with my friend Maureen I felt such gratitude for this woman in my life. The last year has been especially difficult for me, and to have a friend like Maureen is a rare gift.

I reminded Maureen that it was now already two months ago I had called her with an crazy, insane, wild idea. How did I come up with the idea? I actually am not even really sure, it is probably lost in the neurons of my brain, but I knew Maureen was the person I needed to reach out to.

A little breathless I told my friend about an idea to horse back ride the circumference of the US. She listened, asked questions and we spoke for almost three hours. At the end of the conversation I knew that this was absolutely crazy, I also knew I was going to research it further. It got me started on 10 days of feverished research. It was many, many hours of researching through the depth of night, and almost as many hours speaking with Maureen. Asking: “How crazy am I?” The idea morphed away from the horseback ride due to the price and logistics of including horses, but it didn’t go away.

Throughout the last two months Maureen has been there for me through planning related obstacles with a consistent: “I know you girl, and you can do this”.

And again last night – Maureen was high on my “people to call” list. I had a difficult day of fund raising and I knew who could hold the vision, encourage me and give me new direction. I wasn’t wrong. While we both knew that the initial fund raising push would be the absolute hardest it is just giving me more focus at this point.

I am 100% committed to this walk, and so excited.

And to Maureen, I know you will read this – and Hey Girl, I Love You. Thank you for your friendship, your love, your unwavering support and your faith in me. Everyone should have a friend like you. The squeeze you have coming your way when I arrive in NYC will be a big one!


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