Everything Just Got This Much More Real

Dear Friends,
1 month ago I had a crazy, insane, way-out-there idea and I called my best friend ever. Two hours of breathless conversation with my friend assured me that this idea indeed was crazy, and I needed to continue to focus on it. It has been an amazing month, and here it is. The idea, slightly amended, about to take flight. Friends, on July 20th this year I will start to walk the circumference of the United States. It is a 8873 mile long walk, through 26 states and it will take 14 months.

As I walk throughout this country I want to speak with the American people about obesity. An issue so close to my heart given that I have dealt with it my entire life. I will also fund raise for LiveFit Revolution.

LiveFit Revolution is an incredible 501(3) non-profit who provides all the tools we can possibly need to lose weight completely free of charge. LiveFit Revolution is part of the solution to obesity, and I am thrilled to help them take their platform to the next level! So friends, come join me in this journey. It will be exciting and inspiring. First help I need is to gather attention for me on facebook. Please share my posts over the next week or so. I need the word about this trip to be spread!


One thought on “Everything Just Got This Much More Real

  1. Wow, that’s pretty incredible.

    I love LiveFit. It’s one of the tools that I’ve used to help me lose 123 lbs in the last couple of years. Good luck! and I’ll try to connect when you’re in Minnesota – though I’m in Minneapolis – a couple of hours off your route.

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