Why This Walk is the Best Deal any Charity could Wish!

I remain incredibly excited about walking the circumference of the US, and I wanted to share a few reasons why I think you have an incredible chance to share in this excitement.

  • I do all the work. I do my own fundraising. I do my own marketing for the trip. I do my own planning. In the next 18 months of intense fundraising you will have to invest 10-20 hours, or maybe less. With a proposed goal of raising $250.000 that is an amazing ROI.
  • Your upfront cost for this event is zero dollars. If any up front cost is needed it will be covered by me.
  • My goal is to raise $250.000 for YOU. My research tells me that this might even be a low number, but I also wanted to make it attainable. What would your charity do with that money?
  • All donations will be made directly to you.
  • My main topic on the trip is obesity, and my conversations will focus on my own struggles with obesity, along with that of my family. During that “Conversation with America” I will be talking about why I think your charity holds a solution to the problem.
  • I will be talking with people as a private person. All my written material will include a disclaimer to tell people that I am not employed by you or speaking on your behalf. I will express the same on the trail while speaking with people. “A Conversation with America” is run by me. As a private citizen I will tell people why I think it is so important to donate to you to help the country fight obesity.
  • Before putting foot on trail I will have made 300-500 phone calls to fund raise and promote my trip. During those conversations I will make certain to tell people why I – as a private citizen – think that you hold a solution to obesity.
  • During the trip I will be endlessly networking and speaking with people in the USA. Throughout this trip I will tell people why I think they should donate to you. On top of your financial gains you will gain an incredible level of exposure among the American public.
  • During the trip I will consistently work to get attention from local media – radio, print or tv in order to continue “A Conversation with America”. During those appearances I will again tell people why your charity is so important to me.

Hands down. This is the most amazing opportunity to fund raise and become part of the minds of the American people. I only need one charity to see the amazing potential in this trip. Is that charity yours? If so, please contact me ASAP on my email: malene.comes (at) gmail.com.



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