Dear Charity

I would love to share a really inspiring conversation I had today. I spoke with Jonathon Stalls who walked across the US in 2010. I had reached out to Jonathon in the hopes of getting feedback and information for my planning. Jonathon was incredibly generous with his time and feedback. Jonathon’s trip across the US is truly inspiring to read about. Check out Kivawalk. I will touch on some of what he said to me in this post. Today Jonathon continues his walking legacy with walk2connect.

Speaking with Jonathon and looking at his website kivawalk I have learned that he raised more than $400,000 during his walk. I am planning to walk significant more than double the distance Jonathon walked and my goal is to raise $250,000. It should be eminently do-able. What would your charity do with $250,000?

Jonathon did give me some feedback and I am going to take it to heart. He told me that he developed a really snazzy marketing package that he snail mailed to the marketing director of his chosen charity. I realize I have been a lot more impatient than that and have relied on phone and email conversations. Truly, it is because I am so eager I just want to get started on the actual fundraising. I was prepared to have to develop printed marketing materials and a “sales message” for the actual fundraising. It is probably my mistake that I did not plan the same for my approach to the charities of my choice. So, I will take Jonathon’s advice to heart next week.

In the mean time I will continue to reach out to charities. I will do this trip and I will focus on obesity during the trip. I will use the trip as a fundraising and awareness event.

Of course, I can’t promise to raise $250,000, or $400,000. I can’t even really promise to raise $50,000, although I can’t imagine I would only raise that little. I can promise that I am 100% dedicated to raising the money and doing this work. I can promise that I will not stop fundraising until my feet hits the pavement and continue to raise awareness and funds on the road. That I can promise with certainty.

I realize you do not know me, but I would love to continue this conversation with you and share my passion for this trip with you. So please email me at malene.comes (at)



2 thoughts on “Dear Charity

  1. When did you have the realization that you were going to take on such a phenomenal task? What inward struggles did you have to grapple with?

    • Hey Darlene, I think you will find me talking a lot about my struggles on this site, especially under the “about” tap. I decided to do this back in February.

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